D02 SE型90度快速软管接头


螺纹规格:公制(Metric)、德制( PG)


颜色:黑色、 灰色,其它颜色可定做。


工作温度:静态: -40°C~ + 100C短时可达+ 120°C, 动态: -20°C + 80°C,短时可达+ 100C。



备注:成品不带防水垫片, 需另购。

Thread Specification: Metric and PG

Product Material: Made of Nylon PA66 (Fire-proof grade UL94V-2) approved by UL

Colour: Black, grey, other colours can be customized.

Product certification: European CE certification, European SGS certification of environmental protection.

Working temperature: static: - 40 +100, short-term up to + 120, dynamic: - 20 +80, short- .term up to + 100.

Product characteristics: The 90 degree bend type wave tube box wiring head with ultra-high tension can fix the wave tube according to the established

outlet angle, greatly reduce the space required for bending, prevent damage or shorten the service life caused by excessive bending of wave tube, and

protect the bending part of cable. Ultra-fast cartridge loading and unloading, improve installation efficiency.

Note: The finished product does not have waterproof gasket, it needs to be purchased separately.

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