C02 PE波纹管



温度:-30°C -100°C ,短时110°C



特性:表面好的光泽;机械承载强度好;好的柔 软性能;





Quality: Polyethylene

Temperature: -30-100 C, short-term 110 C

CONCLUSION: Both the interior and the exterior are wavy.

Colour: Black, other colours can be purchased with a minimum order requirement. Product certification: European CE.

Property: Good gloss on the surface; Good mechanical load-bearing strength; Good softness;

Usage: Protect wire and cable from external force wear and insulation load- bearing capacity: It is not easy to deform, but it can quickly recover, and there is no damage to itself.

Applications: Machine cabinet, machine tool manufacturing, power equipment, automation devices, food, packaging and other machinery;

Usage: Put the wire and cable into the pipe, and then use if with Richeng series hose connectors.

Note: The special packing length has the requirement of minimum order quantity. The test temperature should be based on the qualified test of the standard high and low

temperature machine, and the use should be based on the site environment. Another environment-friendly flame-retardant pipe, with a minimum order requirements.

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