B06 T型铜制电缆接头



产品材质:A.C.F部位采用优质黄铜镀镍( Brass) B.E 部位采用丁腈橡胶制成,D部位采用白色尼龙制成。

工作温度:静态:-40°C + 110°短时可达+ 120°C, 动态:-20°C +80°C,短时可达+ 100%C。

颜色:A.C.F部位为金属色,B.E 部分为黑色,D部分为白色。





Screw specification: Mefric, PG, G

Material: A. C. F part is made of high quality brass nickel plating (Brass)

B. E part is made of NBR, D part is made of white nylon.

Working temperature: static: - 40 +110, short-term up to + 120,

dynamic: - 20 +80, short- -term up to + 100.

Color: A. C.F is metallic, B. E is black and D is white.

Product Certification: European CE Certification.

Protection Level: Within the prescribed clamp range, and use O-ring to screw tight head, waterproof up to IP68.

Product characteristics: special design of clamping claws and seals,time- saving and convenient assembly with pressing head, wide clamping cable range, strong tensile force, water- -proof, dust- proof,salt-proof, acid-alkali- proof, alcohol, oil, grease and general solvents.

Usage: T type metal cable waterproofing joint is the matching product of the cable. The joint can lock the cable, the other end can be connected to the equipment box, or can be connected to the electric equipment with the import and export threads according to the selection of threads.

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