B01 尼龙电缆防水接头


螺牙规格:公制(Mefric) 、德制(PG)、英制(G)

产品材质: A.C.F部分采用UL认可之尼龙PA66(防火等级UL94V-2)制成;(可定制UL认可的V-0防火等级尼龙原料);B.D部分采用三元乙丙耐候橡胶制成。(可定制耐寒、耐高温橡胶;耐高酸碱、耐化学与抗腐蚀橡胶)。

工作温度:静态-40°至100%C ,或瞬间可耐热至120°C ;动态-20°C至80°C,或瞬间可耐热至100° .

颜色:黑色、灰白色、( 特殊颜色可定做)。


防护等级: IP68-10


使用方法: GLS-B型塑料电缆防水接头是电缆的配套产品,接头可将电缆锁紧,另一端可接入设备箱体上,也可以根据选用螺纹接入进出口为内螺纹的电动设备上。

Screw specification: Mefric, PG, G

Material Material: Part A.C.F is made of UL approved nylon PA66 (fire grade UL94V-2); Part B.D is made of EPDM weatherproof rubber. Customized cold and high temperature resistant rubber, acid and alkali resistant, chemical and corrosion resistant rubber.

Working temperature: static - 40 to 100 or instantaneous heat resistance to 120 dynamic - 20 to 80 or instantaneous heat resistance to 100.

Color: black, gray and white, (special color can be customized).

Product Certification: European CE Certification.

Protection Level: IP68-10

Product characteristics: special design of clamping claws and seals, time-saving and convenient assembly with pressing head, wide clamping cable range, strong tensile force, water-proof, dust-proof, salt- proof, acid-alkali-proof, alcohol, oil,grease and general solvents.

Usage: GLS-B type plastic cable waterproof joint is the matching product of the cable. The joint can lock the cable, the other end can be connected to the : equipment box, or can be connected to the electric equipment with the import and export threads according to the selection of threads.

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